Romeo Y Julieta Attache Gift Set

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As every aficionado knows, the perfect compliment to a cigar is its ashtray. Cigar Ashtrays are an excellent companion to a good stogie, and have a stark contrast to regular ashtrays. Ashtrays became commonplace in the early 20th century, sold as a consumer product by tobacco companies. Cigar tobacconists refined the design, widening the notches to better hold cigars, and providing a larger base to collect ashes. A good cigar ashtray is more than an accessory, it also makes a statement about the smoker. It communicates the owner's personality type, and can even be used to promote conversation.

  • Holds 4 Cigars
  • Color: Black

Elevate your cigar experience with the Romeo Y Julieta Attache Gift Set, a sophisticated collection that embodies the timeless appeal of Romeo Y Julieta cigars. This gift set is not only a treat for yourself but also a thoughtful gift for any cigar enthusiast. Here's what you can expect from this exquisite ensemble:

Key Features:

  • Premium Cigars: The Romeo Y Julieta Attache Gift Set includes a selection of premium cigars from the renowned Romeo Y Julieta brand. Each cigar is masterfully crafted, offering a superb smoking experience.

  • Elegant Presentation: The cigars are presented in an elegant and durable cigar case, adding a touch of class to your cigar collection. The case is designed to protect your cigars and maintain their freshness.

  • Cutter and Lighter: In addition to the cigars, this gift set includes a cigar cutter and a refillable lighter. The cutter ensures a clean and precise cut, while the lighter makes lighting your cigars a breeze.

  • Perfect for Gifting: The Romeo Y Julieta Attache Gift Set is the ideal gift for any cigar aficionado. Whether it's a special occasion or a gesture of appreciation, this set conveys a sense of sophistication and luxury.

  • Timeless Brand: Romeo Y Julieta is a storied and respected brand in the world of cigars, known for its quality and consistency. The cigars in this gift set continue the tradition of excellence.

  • Versatile Selection: This set typically offers a versatile selection of cigar sizes and blends, allowing you to enjoy a variety of smoking experiences.

The Romeo Y Julieta Attache Gift Set is a testament to the enduring allure of Romeo Y Julieta cigars. With premium cigars, an elegant cigar case, and essential accessories, this set is the perfect way to enjoy and savor your cigars. Whether you're treating yourself or celebrating a special occasion with a loved one, the Romeo Y Julieta Attache Gift Set exudes sophistication and luxury, making it a cherished addition to your cigar collection.

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Cigar Ashtray
Romeo Y Julieta
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