Partagas Cigars Freshness Pack Rothschild 6 Ct Box

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  • Brand: Partagas
  • Line: Partagas Gift Set
  • Manufacturer: General Cigar

Introducing the Partagás Cigars Freshness Pack Rothschild 6 Ct Box – an exquisite ensemble of premium cigars that combines the rich heritage of Partagás with the convenience of a perfectly preserved freshness pack. Crafted by one of the most revered names in the cigar world, this collection offers aficionados an unparalleled smoking experience in a carefully sealed box of six Rothschild cigars.

Each cigar in the Partagás Freshness Pack is a testament to the brand's legacy, featuring a blend of the finest tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Mexico. The Rothschild size is renowned for its balance, and the blend itself delivers a medium to full-bodied profile that captivates the senses. Expect a symphony of flavors, from the robust earthiness to hints of spice and a lingering sweetness that defines the Partagás experience.

The innovative freshness pack ensures that every cigar is preserved at its peak, maintaining the ideal humidity for optimal flavor and freshness. This feature not only guarantees a consistent smoking experience but also makes the Partagás Freshness Pack an excellent choice for enthusiasts on the move.

Presented in a stylish 6-count box, the Partagás Freshness Pack Rothschild is a perfect indulgence for aficionados who appreciate the convenience of a compact yet distinguished collection. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or new to the world of premium cigars, this pack invites you to savor the timeless pleasure of Partagás in every meticulously sealed cigar.

Elevate your cigar ritual with the Partagás Cigars Freshness Pack Rothschild 6 Ct Box – where tradition meets innovation in a blend of excellence, convenience, and unparalleled flavor. Ignite your senses and embark on a journey through the rich heritage of Partagás, perfectly encapsulated in this thoughtfully crafted collection.

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Partagas Cigars
Machine Made:
Cigar Box
6 Cigars
5.50" x 49