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King Palm Wraps
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King Palm Hand Rolleds are premium, tobacco-free and slower-burning. A packing stick made of biodegradable bamboo is supplied, useful for pushing herbs.

• 8 bag counter display
• 25 mini leafs per bag
• Holds 0.8 grams each
• Natural corn husk filters allow bigger draws
• Packaged with 72% Boveda pack


Embrace the essence of luxury and sustainability with the King Palm Mini Rolls 2Ct-8Pk. Crafted with exquisite care and attention to detail, these premium hand-rolled mini rolls offer a tobacco-free and eco-friendly smoking experience like no other.

Each pack contains 8 bags, with 25 mini leafs in each bag. Designed to hold 0.8 grams of your favorite herb, these mini rolls provide a slower-burning and more flavorful smoke. The natural corn husk filters not only enhance the taste but also allow for bigger, smoother draws, ensuring a truly pleasurable smoking session.

To keep your mini rolls fresh and ready for use, each pack is thoughtfully packaged with a 72% Boveda pack. This ensures that your King Palm Mini Rolls maintain their optimal moisture levels, preserving the quality of your herbs for longer.

Included in each pack is a packing stick made of biodegradable bamboo. This handy tool is perfect for pushing and packing your herbs securely into the mini rolls, making the smoking process even more convenient and enjoyable.

Experience the epitome of sophistication and sustainability with King Palm Mini Rolls. Elevate your smoking ritual with these meticulously handcrafted mini rolls and savor every puff with unmatched quality and elegance. Choose King Palm for a smoking experience that is truly exceptional.
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King Palm Wraps
8 resealable pouches of 25 rolls per pouch
Machine Made:
100% natural hand rolled sheets
200 Mini Rolls Wraps