Greenhouse Ultra Premium Butane Small Can 12 Ct.

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  • Ultra Premium
  • High Performance
  • Clean Burning (no odor)
  • Made in U.K.

Greenhouse Premium Butane is ultra-refined and clean-burning. Indispensable to keep your lighter refilled. With a 140ml size.

Experience the ultimate in quality and performance with Greenhouse Ultra Premium Butane Small Can 12 Ct. This high-quality butane is designed to elevate your smoking experience by offering unparalleled cleanliness and efficiency.

Crafted in the U.K., this ultra premium butane is renowned for its exceptional quality and reliability. The clean burning formula ensures a pure flame with no odor, allowing you to savor the true essence of your favorite herbs or tobacco without any unwanted taint.

Each can contains 140ml of ultra-refined butane, providing you with a long-lasting supply to keep your lighters effortlessly refilled. Say goodbye to inconsistent flames and unreliable ignition as Greenhouse Premium Butane guarantees high performance every time.

Whether you are a connoisseur seeking the best fuel for your smoking accessories or simply looking for a reliable butane for everyday use, Greenhouse Ultra Premium Butane Small Can 12 Ct. is the perfect choice. Elevate your smoking experience with top-tier quality, clean burning efficiency, and impeccable reliability - all packed into a convenient small can size for easy storage and portability.

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to fueling your lighters and smoking devices. Choose Greenhouse Ultra Premium Butane for a superior butane experience like no other.
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Packs of 12
140ml/ 4.733 oz