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Fronto Leaf
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  • Quantity: 1 Single Leaf ( Estimated length is 12-16 inches or more
  • Type: Cigar Wrap
  • Made In: Dominican Republic
A Fronto Leaf is an all-natural cured tobacco leaf that originates from the Caribbean. It’s their traditional way of smoking as it offers a distinctly high-quality flavor when you’re smoking it with your favorite herbs or tobacco. Getting a Fronto Leaf can give you that premium quality taste and the smoothness of what you can get on a top-shelf tobacco wrapper which can give you the best experience in smoking. Each packaging contains a single leaf that you have to rip off a portion to use as a rolling paper.
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Cigar Wrap
Fronto Leaf Master
Machine Made:
100% natural tobacco leaf
1 leaf
Estimated length is 12-16 inches or more