Posted by Martin on Jan 11th 2021

Why Are Filtered Cigars So Cheap? - Buitrago Cigar Store

Filtered cigars have become a new popular way of smoking as smokers tend to go for this option rather than smoking with a cigar or a cigarette.

Some like to smoke this as it contains less nicotine which makes them less dangerous while others like them as they’re not as large and overwhelming as a classic cigar.

Although another common reason why smokers opt for this is that it’s much cheaper compared to other tobacco-based products.

But what makes filtered cigars so cheap and how are they different from other tobacco products? Well, keep reading as w going to show you everything to know about filtered cigars.

A Smaller Type of Cigar

Filtered cigars are the same as regular cigars but the only difference in them is their size and that a filtered cigar has a filter placed inside it. This prevents your lips from experiencing discoloration that you can usually obtain when smoking a regular cigar.

What makes them so Cheap?

Filtered cigars have the same materials used as regular cigars but it’s a huge question why it’s cheaper compared to other tobacco products. There are several reasons for this such as the amount of tobacco and wrap used in a filtered cigar is less compared to a regular one.

Another reason is that cigars are taxed differently compared to cigarettes. Ordinary cigarettes are taxed higher in most countries while filtered cigars are treated differently due to how it’s processed.

This makes them cheaper to purchase compared to getting a pack of cigarettes in your local store.

Quality of Filtered Cigars

Although filtered cigars are cheap, the leaves it’s made of and the way it’s wrapped is still the same as a regular cigar. This makes it possible to smoke a cheaper and smaller cigar while still having the same quality as expensive ones.

It also offers a slower burn compared to a cigarette as it’s more tightly packed. This allows you to enjoy your smoke session a little bit more and even lessen the amount of tobacco that you usually consume in a day.

The Range of Flavors Available

Another great thing about this is that there are a wide variety of flavors of filtered cigars available. This allows you to have an enhanced and customized experience when smoking your tobacco.

If you want to choose the right type of filtered cigar for you then it’s a good idea to go to your local tobacco shop so you can test them out before purchasing.

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If you’re looking for good quality cigars that are on the cheaper side or if smoking a cigar is too much for you to handle then it’s a great option to purchase filtered cigars.

The quality is close or even the same as a regular cigar but with the size of a cigarette which helps you have a great but quicker smoke session.