What Are King Palm Wraps Made Of? Buitrago Cigar Store

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Feb 13th 2021

What Are King Palm Wraps Made Of? Buitrago Cigar Store

What Are King Palm Wraps Made Of?

One of the most competitive trends there on the market is healthy alternatives. For wanting and sustaining a healthy lifestyle, you must seek healthy alternatives. This one goes to King Palm Wraps as having a healthy alternative when it comes to their wraps.

King Palm wraps have been the most talked-about alternative health products for all rolling papers and wraps. Stay tuned and keep on reading as we will discuss more the advantages of King Palm wraps.

About King Palm

King Palm is the first-ever manufacturer of the world’s all-natural and 100% genuine palm leaf wrap. The leaves are from the flowering trees of the Cordio (Borage) Family all harvested across Southeast Asia.

The trees from which the leaves are harvested are grown free from toxic chemicals or fertilizers. The leaves handpicked, cleaned with pure water, and then finally hand-rolled.

King Palm prides itself by providing a better and healthy alternative, and environmentally sustainable product.

Product Highlight: Wraps

King Palm leaf wraps are made from all-natural palm leaves. The leaves are hand-picked from the rainforest near Singapore from the flowering trees of the Cordia (Borage) Family.

The wrap is free from harmful chemicals that can be toxic to the body. It does not contain any artificial flavoring as well. The leaves smoke beautifully because of their smoothness and burn slowly.

King Palm wraps allows you to experience a healthy way of smoking. The filter installed is corn husk which makes it sturdy and allows you to squeeze or bite the roll.

Handmade Pre-Rolled

For newbies having difficulty and taking a lot of time rolling up then King Palm is the best solution for you as they provide individually handmade rolls which you can easily put stuff in.

It is a perfect solution to a newbie’s dilemma. In addition, the wraps burn slowly which you can enjoy longer, and very resilient as well.

No artificial additives or chemicals added

King Palm not only provides all-natural leaf wrap but also make sure that the trees are nurtured and grown organically. In other words, the trees are free from toxic fertilizers or chemicals which can be harmful to the body.

Also, in the manufacturing process, they made sure there are no chemicals added such as artificial flavorings. King Palm would want to be consistent in their all-natural type of wrap to ensure a healthy alternative.

No Tobacco

Compared to other cigars, King Palm does not use tobacco wraps as it contains nicotine which can be addictive, harmful, and can cause long-term effects on the body. King Palm uses all-natural and genuine palm leaf wraps.

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King Palms provides naturally healthy, top quality products, and the best customer service which we can rely on.

With today’s competitive market, healthy trends are expanding. If you’re looking for healthy and organic smoke then King Palm is for you. Go and grab your King Palm wraps at Buitrago Cigars.