Posted by Martin Buitrago on Apr 13th 2020

Top 5 Benefits You Can Get From King Palm Leaf Wraps

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Top 5 Benefits You Can Get From King Palm Leaf Wraps

There’s a lot of different wraps that people use in order to smoke their herbs. Some like to use rolling papers for simplicity or some use blunt wraps which have become quite popular as of late.

Others like to use all-natural and traditional types of wraps as it’s much safer and eco-friendly.

King Palm Natural Wraps was made for people who are into a more healthy type of lifestyle when it comes to smoking their medicinal herbs. They’ve got a lot of advantages in them which can actually be a better option compared to other types of blunt wraps.

So what are the benefits for these types of wraps? Here we’ll talk about the different benefits of them.

They Come Pre-Rolled

The King Palm Leaf Wraps comes in as a pre-rolled wrap so all you have to do is stuff all your herb in it and it’s all ready to smoke which makes it quite convenient if you’re in a rush to pack them.

The problem with other people is that they usually have a tough time wrapping these blunts. King Palm makes it easier for them as they also provide tools for these wraps to firmly pack herbs into it.


These blunt wraps do not contain any kind of tobacco in them. It’s made out of pure Cordia leaves that are all-natural which makes it a better alternative compared to other blunt wraps that are on the market.

They also don’t have any contaminants in them that may cause any harm to the body assuring you that you won’t get any kind of side-effect from smoking these.

No Artificial Flavors

As these leaf wraps come in as an all-natural alternative and are marketed for people who are looking for healthier alternatives, they don’t add any kind of artificial flavoring to them during the manufacturing process, unlike other brands that actually puts in a lot of them.

All-Natural Leaf Wrap

When it comes to King Palm Leaf wraps wanting to make sure that all their products are all-natural, they really intend to deliver it.

The Cordia leaves that are used for their wraps are handpicked and rolled in order to ensure quality in each of their products. They don’t use any kind of chemicals to them during their growth like pesticides or glue.

High-quality Smoke Only

You can rest assured of the quality of the King Palm Leaf Wraps.

Their leaves provide a natural taste which can be quite soothing when smoked with. It also provides a good draw of smoking which means you can produce thicker clouds like the ones you get from smoking a cigar.

The corn husk filter, which you can buy at any cigar store or tobacco shop, which the wraps use also manages to enhance the quality of the blunt.

You’re able to get a smooth draw from it and it’s able to catch a lot of tar as seen from the change of the color of the filter which makes sure that you’ll feel clean once you’re done smoking it.

Where to buy King Palm Leaf Wraps?

If you’re wondering about where you can buy King Palm Leaf Wraps then look no further as Buitrago Cigars will surely have them. This cigar shop and tobacco store offers the most high-quality products that smokers might need for their smoke sessions which include these blunt wraps.


Smoking can cause a lot of harmful effects due to the different chemicals and additives that they place on their rolling papers and tobacco wraps.

In order to avoid all of this, it’s much better to use an alternative like King Palm Leaf Wraps so you can have a safer smoking experience.