Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jun 8th 2020

Tobacco vs Vape: Which is More Stylish - Cigar Store

Vaping has now become a new trendy way to smoke and people have now started to shift over from tobacco-based products to this new cool thing. 

Though there are still some purist smokers who still want to smoke over cigars and cigarettes. This is due to how they don’t find it stylish enough compared to the traditional way of smoking.

So the question today is which of these two are more stylish than the other? Well, keep reading as we’ll show you everything there is to know about them.

Looking Fancy With a Cigar

Cigars have been one of the oldest ways to smoke and have even existed before the creation of the cigarette. People find cigars alluring and luxurious due to the history that it has where only people of status can only afford this type of tobacco products

The people who have been smoking cigars are usually seen to be sophisticated and fancy as they’re able to afford that type of lifestyle.

Vaping is the New Cool

The reason why some people have shifted over vaping is because of the massive amount of smoke that they’re able to pull off. Others also use it as a method of slowly quitting tobacco due to the harmful effects that it has.

Though what’s also great about them is that vape pens have a lot of flavors to choose from which is able to customize your smoking experience.

Stronger Flavors on Tobacco Products

What’s also great about smoking tobacco is that it offers stronger flavors compared to vaping. The strength of the smoke every time you inhale tobacco will give you the full force if what it’s able to offer.

Vaping on the other hand has a softer feeling on it when smoking. Some vapers can’t even feel or taste the flavor of some of their products due to how weak it is.

The Healthier Alternative

More people have now started to vape due to it being a healthier alternative to tobacco. Although it can’t really imitate that good “hit” that tobacco is able to offer, it can still be used as a substitute for it.

Most millennials and other health concerned people are now shifting to this new trend as it’s less risky compared to traditional smoking.

Wondering Where to Buy Them?

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Although both of these products for smoking have its own pros and cons, it’s ultimately up for you to decide which one is better for you.

Vaping is the new type of cool these days, although smoking has still been seen to people as a stylish way to add character to themselves.