Posted by Maximilian on Aug 13th 2019

OHM Filtered Cigars - Buitrago Cigars Store

OHM Filtered Cigars have been able to get a piece of the market for their consistency and price point, and the fact that they are available in over 7 flavors just make it much easier for any cigar smoker to have more selection. OHM brand is also available in different categories like Cigarette Filter Tubes, and Pipe Tobacco.

OHM Cigars are available in over 7 flavors like Sweet, Menthol, Peach, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Full Flavor and many more. These filtered cigars are made using grade A filters, and a premium mix of tobaccos from over 3 countries which is what gives them their unique aroma and taste. OHM Pipe Tobacco uses a more robust blend of tobaccos.