Posted by Martin Buitrago on Apr 13th 2020

Juicy Jays Rolling Papers Is What You Need For A Great Time

Juicy Jays Rolling Paper Is What You Need For A Great Time

Juicy Jays Rolling Paper has had quite massive success in the market for a while now. This is due to their large variety of flavors that they have which people found as a more enjoyable way to smoke.

Most types of cigarette rolling papers taste the same and if they add flavor in them, they’ll usually taste really bland.

Juicy Jays has managed to get a market out of this through as they managed to sell rolling papers that have strong flavors in them to enhance your smoking experience.

So what is Juicy Jays and how did they manage to win over the people through their products? Just keep on reading as we’ll explain all of that to you.

What is Juicy Jays?

Juicy Jays is a brand that sells materials for smoking like cigarette papers and Cigar wraps. Its main selling point is that it sells flavored rolling papers, in which, it has become its most popular product and one of the top-selling cigarette papers in the world.

They use their own “Triple-dipped” flavoring system which manages to strengthen the flavors of each of their cigarette papers which gives the person the strong taste that they wanted out of a cigarette roller.

A Variety of Flavors

As Juicy Jays want their customers to have the best smoking experience with their favorite flavors added into it, they’ve managed to create a huge variety of flavors that will surely have one for even the pickiest of persons.

They have flavor from fruits, like mango, strawberry, grapes, and apples to flavors of ice cream like double dutch and vanilla. If you try to look hard enough, you can also find some of their odd flavors like root beer and tequila.

You can actually manage to taste these flavors due to heir “triple-dipped” flavoring system which manages to strengthen them so you can get the full strength out of it.

Choosing the Right One

Picking the right type of flavored rolling paper for you will be tricky due to the wide variety that they have but you’ll be assured that they have a flavor that will surely suit you.

Try finding one by knowing what you like. Do you like certain fruits like apples or bananas? Maybe you like certain types of foods like chocolate or ice cream? Or maybe you want to try some weird flavors just for the heck of it?

If you try to narrow it down to something more specific that you can surely have the flavor for your rolling paper that will give you a great smoke session.

Where to Buy Them

If you’re wondering where to buy some Juicy Jays Rolling Paper then you don’t have to worry as Buitrago Cigars, a well-known cigar store and tobacco shop will definitely have them. Shopping at Buitrago Cigars can assure you that you can get the best quality products that you need for your smoke session.

Buitrago Cigars also offer good customer service as they want to make sure that their customer is satisfied once they’re done shopping at their store.

If you’re not able to go to their cigar shop then you can check out their online tobacco store website as they also offer deliveries.


Let your smoking session be more colorful with the help of this multi-flavored product.

Getting Juicy Jays Rolling Paper will give you the best time when smoking as it’s able to offer you a flavor that is quite strong which can actually let you taste it compared to other cigarette paper brands.