Posted by Martin Buitrago on Apr 13th 2020

JOB Cigarette Papers: Why You Should Get One - Cigar Store

JOB Cigarette Papers: Why You Should Get One

JOB rolling papers has been one of the most popular brands of rolling papers ever since its inception.

It’s one of the classic cigarette papers that has managed to survive throughout the century and has still managed to keep itself popular with their advertising and high-quality products.

They then hired Alphonse Mucha to create one of their iconic cigarette posters which became the face of the brand until now.

So what’s so great about this cigarette paper? Why is it so popular and is it even that good?

Well just keep on reading as we’ll explain everything there is to know about it and we’ll also tell you where you can buy them if you want to try them out.

History of the Brand

The brand was created back in 1838 where its founder, Jean Bardou, a French Craftsman, wanted to create a booklet of papers for cigarette rolling.

This then turned into a success as it slowly became a popular choice for the smokers back then due to the quality that Bardou managed to give to them.

The brand was originally “JB” with a diamond in the middle. But everybody thought it was an “O” so people called it JOB and the company just went along with it.

What’s so great about them?

This cigarette paper brand has managed to thrive until now due to its high-quality rolling papers and a wide selection of them to fit the preferences in cigar papers for everyone.

They also managed to get featured on some famous Hollywood Films like “Nice Dreams” where they sponsored a few celebrities so that they would be able to advertise the products.

When smoking this tobacco, it gives off a mellow feeling every time you take a hit. This can pair up nicely with some mellow flavored tobaccos from your local cigar shop.

Famous Cigarette Poster

One of the most iconic parts of JOB Cigars is its brand label. It was made by Alphonse Mucha which evidently became one of his most popular advertisement posters ever made.

The poster that he made for them was of a female with her head leaned backward in a sensual manner while smoking a cigarette. The background contained monograms which introduced a Byzantine effect on it.

The image was inspired by Michaelangelo’s Sibyls.

Choosing the Best Type of Cigar Paper

JOB Cigarette papers offer a variety of cigarette papers that can suit your choice. They have products like French White, Orange, Ultra-thin, and Gold Rolling papers.

These all have a different range of flavors so people can seek out what’s the best cigarette paper flavor that they want.

They also come in sizes from pocket size ones if you want to take a quick hit out of it or if you’re looking for a longer smoking session then you can get the wide sized one which is 70mm in length.

Best Place to Buy Them

If you’re looking for a good place to buy JOB cigarette papers then look no further as Buitrago Cigars, which is one of the best cigar store and tobacco shops in the market, can offer you what you need.

They only offer high-quality products so you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong one for you.

The tobacco store also have excellent customer service as they want all of their customers to have the best shopping experience when at Buitrago Cigars.


This cigarette paper brand has gone through a lot and even reached a celebrity status from all of its advertising. If you want to try it out then give it a go as it might give you the best smoke session that you’ve ever had.