Is Backwoods Cigars really a Cigar or is it a wrapper leaf

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Feb 13th 2021

Is Backwoods Cigars really a Cigar or is it a wrapper leaf

Is Backwood a Cigar?

For new and fresh smoking enthusiasts, they may have come up with the word “Backwoods” at some point in their smoking journey. At some point, they might have wondered what it was.

Was it a brand? A Cigar? Or maybe some other type of smoking device? Well here, we’re going to tell you all about what Backwoods is and where you can get it.

What is Backwoods?

Backwoods Cigars is a cigar company that started way back in the ‘70s where new law banned the advertisements of cigarettes. Backwoods managed to flourish in this era as they used were still able to advertise cigars which were technically not counted as cigarettes.

Are they Good Quality Smokes?

Being a cigar company that’s lasted for decades, Backwoods Cigars has proven to be one of the best cigar companies in America. Their product line is one of the best tasting machines rolled cigars currently available in the market.

With every year they add more and more flavors for their fans to consume, which managed to help them keep up with their competition.

The Flavors that they offer

What’s also great about this brand of cigar is that they’ve been slowly adding more and more flavors ever since. This makes it possible for smoking enthusiasts to have a more personalized feel whenever they’re smoking with Backwiids Cigars.

Some of the flavors they offer are Honey Berry, Sweet Aromatic, and also their most popular one, their classic Backwoods original flavor.

Choosing one might get difficult as they’re all delicious to taste so it’s best to try them out through samplers in your local tobacco shop like Buitrago Cigars.

Are they Expensive?

Prices of Backwoods Cigars will depend on the type of flavor that you’re going to purchase. The regular flavors usually cost around $14 each, making them very affordable to the average cigar smoker.

Though there are other flavors that are limited in stock or are hard to get due to some being banned in certain countries. They can usually go for more than $25 and some can even go as expensive as $35.

Where Can You Get them?

Today, it’s a bit difficult to purchase Backwoods Cigars due to COVID-19 restricting the production and distribution of their cigars. Most outlets are out of stock or are slowly running out of this tasty aromatic smoke so you need to make thorough research to purchase them.

If you want to purchase Backwoods Cigars now then we recommend you checking out Buitrago Cigars. This tobacco shop, based in Florida, sells the best quality cigars in the market such as Backwoods Cigars.


Although one of the older brands of cigars still available today, new smoking enthusiasts still don’t know or have even tasted Backwoods Cigars. It’s a sure miss for them to not try this long-lasting cigar which packs high-quality flavors.

Check and try their flavors out now at Buitrago Cigars and understand why this cigar has managed to stay so long in the game.