Posted by Martin Buitrago on Apr 23rd 2020

Hookah Tobacco : Smoking With Style - Cigar Store

Hookahs have become a popular way to smoke tobacco while hanging out with friends or other kinds of social gatherings.

It has a rich history that dates back for more than a thousand years and is still used by everyone across the globe. The Hookah Tobacco used in it has continually evolved to suit the people’s preference.

There have been a lot of brands with different flavors and designs added to the market which makes it quite complicated on which Hookah Tobacco can provide the best smoking experience.

Here, we’ll tell you more about the Hookah Tobacco and what makes them so great to smoke with.

History of the Hookah

The Hookah Shisha is a water pipe that enables you to smoke flavored tobacco from it. Its existence dates back in 16th-century India where it had started making glass for the British East India Company.

With tobacco gaining popularity, they’ve created a way to purify it when smoking by making the first shisha.

This was then used by Persian culture in the 17th century where they mainly used it to smoke the dark leaf tobacco “Ajami”. This was later used by everyone in their population and managed to influence other countries to use it as well.

With mass productions and trading that happened in the next few centuries, Hookah culture has spread globally with almost every smoker being able to experience it.

A New and Exciting Way to Smoke

Smoking with a Hookah is completely different from other ways of smoking tobacco. It works by smoking charcoal heated air that passes through the hookah tobacco and gets filtered out with water before it goes into your lungs.

The user usually smokes it through a mouthpiece that’s attached to a hose. Smoking with Hookah tobaccos allows you to engage in a multitude of flavors that aren’t usually found in a cigar or a cigarette.

You can usually smoke a Hookah in hookah bars or you can buy one in tobacco shops like Buitrago Cigars.

Explore With a Wide Range of Flavors

With the wide variety of flavors available in Hookah tobaccos, you’ll be able to find one from a cigar store or tobacco shop that will definitely fit your preference. It’s also possible to mix different flavors to create a new one if you want to get experimental.

With the shisha brand continually increasing every year, it’s become quite the hassle to find the perfect Hookah tobacco due to most mass-produced tobacco being of low-quality.

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Even though smoking a hookah can be quite enjoyable, it’s best to do it moderately due to how harmful some of its effects can be to the human body.