Posted by Martin Buitrago on Apr 6th 2020

​Element Rolling Papers: Living The Good Natural Life

Have you been trying to find new kinds of rolling paper to try and get out new and all-natural flavors out of your herbs or tobacco that you’re smoking? The Element Rolling Papers can help you out with that.

They’ve got rolling papers that will surely let you enjoy your smoking experience without any kind of harmful chemicals added to it that might damage your body.

It’s really hard to find and choose some good rolling papers due to the number of products that are in the market right now and buying the wrong product can lead you on having a terrible experience during your smoking session.

So what makes this type of rolling paper so great? Here we’ll talk about everything you need to know about it and why you should get it.

What Makes Element Rolling Papers Standout

Element Rolling Papers is a type of rolling paper that uses rice as a base for its construction. It contains zero chemical compounds, no hemp, and no standard pulp making it an all-natural rolling paper that’s made out of rice.

It's constructed by compressing the rice and making it super thin which creates a slow burn every time you take a hit from it. This allows you to prolong your smoke session in order for you to savor the moment and enjoy it a little longer.

It’s also imprinted with their criss-cross patterned watermark so that it burns evenly on all sides which gives out that smooth draw you can get out from a high-quality rolling paper.

All Natural Rolling Paper

Due to the nature of this type of rolling paper is purely made out of rice, it offers you the assurance that you’re safe when smoking this as you won’t be inhaling any harmful chemicals that may cause damage to your body.

The composition allows it to be much safer compared to other brands that are in the market. It also gives out zero ash which can help you avoid littering in areas that can keep you neat and tidy when you’re done smoking.

Choosing the Right Paper for You

Elements supply a few options for you to choose when buying their rolling papers. They have selections like gummed tipped, perforated and non-perforated roll-ups, the slower-burning paper compared to the classic one, and pre-rolled ones to make it more convenient.

All of these types of rolling papers are made to ensure that you’re able to roll them up much easier and let you enjoy your smoke session.

They also have different sizes of rolling paper available which can reach up to 12 inches long so you can enjoy your smoke much longer or you can share it with your friends. You can also get a pocket-size version which is 1.25 of an inch which is good for a quick hit.

Is Rolling Paper the Best Way to Smoke?

Using rolling paper as a means to smoke is actually quite fun. It’s just as easy as lighting up a cigarette and you can draw smoke out from it easily. You can also get the full concentration of the herb or the tobacco that you’re smoking as it doesn't have any filtering system in it.

Part of the fun about this is when you’re trying to roll the paper into its proper shape. You can try making experimental forms for this and combine different papers so that you’ll have different flavors mixed in it to have a more personalized taste.

Where to Buy

If you’re planning to buy a box of Element Rolling Paper from a cigar store then you better get down to Buitrago Cigars tobacco shop as they offer a wide selection of rolling papers over there.

The online cigar shop and tobacco store will surely have the kind of rolling paper that you’re looking for so you don’t have to worry about them not having any availability.

Getting an all-natural slow-burning kind of rolling paper can be the best option for you due to how it is much safer compared to other alternatives. You can also be assured by its premium quality due to how this is one of the most preferred rolling papers that people use.