Posted by Maximillian on Sep 5th 2019

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Why Little Cigars?

For the smoker who's drawn to the strength and character of a cigar but also enjoys the affordability and convenience of cigarettes, little cigars are an excellent middle ground. Little cigars come in a variety of quality brands and delicious flavors that offer a wide range of options, much more so than the cigarette industry, and at a more affordable price. You can shop for little cigars online as well, where you can find deals and promotions that increase your savings even further.

What cigarette smokers notice first about little cigars is that, while the draw is strikingly similar to a traditional cigarette, the palate is profoundly richer and deeper, due to the high-alkaline nature of air-cured and fermented tobaccos used in the little cigars. Combined with the multitude of flavor possibilities that simply don't exist in the cigarette industry, little cigars are exceptionally more enjoyable than the sugary flue-cured tobacco used in standard cigarettes. Little cigars typically are rolled with filters, but there are options for filter less as well.

Cigar smoking in general is on the rise in the world, primarily due to the decline in cigarette smoking associated with higher costs and stricter taxes, along with the superiority of cigars. Little cigars are cheaper, more enjoyable, and smokers find they can smoke less when they switch from cigarettes to little cigars. Even with rising tax rates on cigars in the recent past, they are still by far a better financial option than cigarettes. Standard cigarettes are regulated heavily and taxed just as much so, while cigars are free from many of the stipulations placed on cigarettes. Little cigars are free from cigarette regulations as well, allowing them to be priced much more competitively.