Backwoods Cigars vs Ugly Coyote Cigars which one is better

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jan 11th 2022

Backwoods Cigars vs Ugly Coyote Cigars which one is better

Backwoods Cigars vs Ugly Coyote Cigars

Variations from different companies emerged as the tobacco industry continued to advance. The quest of finding the best cigar taste that sits on the palate became a dream for every aficionado. Backwoods Cigars pride itself on its long history of cigar manufacturing since the 1980s.

On the other hand, Ugly Coyote Cigars followed a sole path towards perfection. Does it hold the key in opening the door for a revolutionary taste, or Backwoods’ conventional ways? Let’s find out as we unravel the mysteries between these companies.

Backwoods Cigars

Backwood’s legacy of cigar making made it an ideal choice for any occasion. If you’re out hunting, drinking, or fishing, Backwoods Cigars give you a unique smoking experience. Enjoying the finest tobacco blends that burn evenly makes Backwoods Cigars exceptional among the rest.

The unique flavor profiles found in Backwoods Cigars leave a distinct imprint taste. Not to mention, its size compensates for the need of smoking anytime, anywhere. Thus, making it a suitable choice of smoking for any occasion.

A classic smoking experience brings you to different levels. Backwoods is famed for bringing out that heightened taste and sensational scent. Either way, the richness of each stick makes Backwoods Cigars special.

Ugly Coyote Cigars

An old tale of the Wild West brings back the roots of cigar smoking. When the Civil War ended, men became fond of smoking long and thin cigars called cheroots. The name of “Big Buck” Doyle rang a bell when a coyote suddenly snatched his cigar from his mouth.

Since then the term “ugly coyote” forever imprinted the legend of the stolen cigar. Today, Ugly Coyote Cigars are famous for their 15 flavor varieties. From Black Sweet, Chocolate, Berry, Cherry, Apple, Honey, Deluxe Sweet, Honey Berry, Green Sweet, and Natural taste, pick your best choice.

Ugly Coyote Cigars takes you to a new level of cigar smoking. With prices ranging from $17.99 to $30.99, smoking your favorite blend creates worthwhile memories. The cheroot taste of Ugly Coyote Cigars offers a straightforward taste.


Selecting between Backwoods Cigars and Ugly Coyote Cigars is a hard choice. Each offers its unique features distinct from its respective blends. Whether it’s Backwoods or Ugly Coyote’s both brands are renowned in the tobacco industry.

Either way, cigar-smoking depends on every person’s preference. What’s important is the satiety you feel after exploring a new taste.