Backwoods Cigars vs Throwback Cigars and which one os better

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jan 11th 2022

Backwoods Cigars vs Throwback Cigars and which one os better

Backwoods Cigars vs Throwback Cigars

No two cigars are the same, and that’s true. The bold taste of a cigar depends on its master blender’s taste. In Backwoods Cigars’ astounding claim, cigars are never the same.

On the other hand, the pride of Throwback Cigars’ all-natural flavors is put to test. Can they match Backwoods’ unique blend, or will they yield to take credit for which is the best? Let’s see for ourselves as we open the secrets of these two master makers.

Backwoods Cigars

Since 1973, Backwoods Cigars established its name using heavy ads that left people amazed. But the true secret of their fame lies within its taste. No Backwood is the same as another nor any other cigar.

Backwoods Cigars are made from Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos. This signature blend makes a refined taste that differentiates Backwoods Cigars apart from others. The wild and mild taste from natural tobacco is a good opportunity to enjoy your smoking experience.

Backwoods Cigars cost around $4.99 to $36.99. Packaging and cost depend on the type of variety. Pick your choice and enjoy its signature taste.

Backwoods Cigars made a name since time immemorial. History defines its greatness. It withstood the challenge of time making it one of the greatest cigars worldwide.

Throwback Cigars

In searching for an ideal level of a new smoking experience, Throwback Cigars gives you a lasting taste. Fabled for its smoothness and distinct combinations, Throwback Cigars takes you to another level of an ecstatic yet subtle feeling.

Throwback Cigars made its name using a variety of flavors. Choose anything from Russian Cream, Sweet Aromatic, Black Velvet, Wild Berry, Banana Nana, Cherry Blizz, and Original taste. Whatever taste you like, there’s always something for you.

Throwback Cigars cost around $4.99 to $31.99. You can purchase a full box of 8 pouches or single pouches of 5 cigars.

Throwback Cigars’ unique flavor combinations enable you to hit a trance. The smoothness of each flavor displays the mastery of crafting an aromatic taste.


Choosing between Backwoods Cigars and Throwback Cigars is a difficult task. Each has its unique taste. The unrivaled uniqueness found on each type features their distinction.

Try out Backwoods Cigars and Throwback Cigars. Decide which one is the best. But I’ll tell you, once you experience the richness that sits on your palate, it’s hard to decide which is which.