Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jun 19th 2020

Are You Buying from the Right Cigar Store? A Buyer’s Guide

Are You Buying from the Right Cigar Store? A Buyer’s Guide

Although we appreciate smoking cigars, the problem is that there are some cigar stores that don’t offer the best of experiences. There are some stores that offer the most inconvenient problems with grumpy salespeople, bad products, and bad locations.

Although these factors are just minor issues for cigar aficionados, this can become a huge problem for beginners. It’s important to have a good shopping experience when looking for a cigar so that they’re able to properly choose one that’s going to suit their taste.

In this article, we're going to explore what everyone should look for in searching for the best cigar store.

Looking for the Right Store

There are a lot of stores where you can buy cigars from. It can be from liquor stores, vape shops, and even tobacco outlets. But in order to get a wide selection of cigars to choose from, it’s best to go visit a cigar shop.

A good way to find a decent cigar shop is to scour on the internet for the best cigar shops near your place. Going to one that’s highly-rated and filled with positive reviews will ensure you that you’ll have quality time in finding a cigar.

You can also search for them in Google Maps or recommendations from other cigar enthusiasts.

Customer Service

Once you’re able to find a quality cigar shop, you’re going to expect a variety of cigars and a wide selection of essential items for your smoke session.

You’ll usually find that the cigars are placed in humidors in order to preserve their freshness and taste.

These humidors are usually cabinet or walk-in types and you have to ask an employee to assist you when checking out for cigars. This is important as mishandling of the cigar containers may affect the way the cigars are maintained and can lead to damages in the products.

The Quality of the Products

When you’re going to start looking for your ideal cigar, you need to check the quality and the condition of the product. You should also try to check if the humidor that’s being used is actually working.

A good indication that a cigar isn’t well preserved is that it has cracks and blemishes, meaning that the humidor is too dry.

If the cigars are in good condition then you should ask the employee a few questions regarding their cigars to find one that suits your tastes. The most important things to ask is :

  • How long the cigar will last once it’s lit up
  • The quality and price of the cigar
  • The intensity level

What’s a Good Cigar Store to Visit?

If you’re still on your way to look for a decent cigar store then it;s best to check out Buitrago Cigars.

The shop offers high-quality cigars and accessories with more than a hundred brands to choose from.

The shop also has excellent customer service which ensures that you’ll have quality time to look for a cigar.


It’s best to find a proper cigar store whenever you’re trying to buy a cigar. It assures you that you’ll be able to buy premium quality cigars that will surely help you enjoy your smoke session.