Posted by Martin Buitrago on Apr 6th 2020

​Are Hempire Rolling Papers For You? Here’s What To Know

Rolling papers have existed for centuries now and people have been innovating in ways to make it more all-natural where there aren’t any additives added to it like chemicals that may cause harm to the body.

If you’re looking for a new kind of rolling paper that won’t cause any side effects due to how all-natural it is then you should try using Hempire cigarette rolling papers. This is one of the most popular rolling papers these days which you can smoke with your herb or tobacco.

Now, what makes this type of rolling paper so popular? And is it also healthy for you? Here, we’ll talk about why you should use hemp as a rolling paper and why it’s healthy for you.

What are Hempire Cigarette Papers?

Hempire rolling papers are all-natural ultra-thin rolling papers that are mainly composed of hemp which is a soft durable fiber that can be used in various ways outside of smoking.

It’s a plant that has the same family with cannabis but without its hallucinogenic effects, that’s caused by the THC in a marijuana plant.

This type of rolling paper has become the most widely sought out type of rolling paper due how it’s more eco friendly compared to other kinds of papers out there giving the person a safer alternative to use when smoking.

Why are hemp papers so popular?

The popularity of using hemp rolling papers started when everyone began to be more concerned about the things that they intake in their bodies, which includes, what they’re smoking.

Hemp papers help this due to its all-natural process without the inclusion of any chemicals during the growth of the plant and sometimes even when it reaches the processing stage. This type of rolling paper is also thicker and rougher which makes it quite convenient to roll.

When smoking it, the paper burns slower so you can take time smoking it and it can consistently stay lit up during the duration of your smoking session.

An Eco-friendly Alternative

Due to how the process of how hemp papers are made. They give off less environmental impact compared to other products as it does not require any chemical additives or protection during growth like pesticides which can damage the plants in the surrounding area.

Smoking Healthier

Choosing to smoke with Hempire cigarette papers can help you avoid the negative effects that other rolling papers have. Most rolling papers go through chemicals like bleach and chlorine which can cause harmful reactions in your body that may lead to further complications.

Going full-on organic is the best way to avoid any problems and so you can stay healthy at the same time.

Hemp uses natural and organic gum to give you that smoother and refined taste when you smoke it. This can also allow the rolling paper to give out more aromatic scents which usually differ on the products each brand sells.

Choosing the Right Hempire Cigarette Paper

Hempire rolling paper only has one type of cigarette paper which is their Classic King Rolling Paper. This offers an ultra-thin rolling paper that can give you a smooth draw of smoke every time you want to take a hit from it.

They do offer different sizes in rolling paper so you can choose from either a small one so you can take a quick hit or a king-size one so that you can share it with your friends or you just want to have a long smoking session.

Where to Buy Hempire Cigarette Papers

You can buy Hempire Cigarette papers at Buitrago Cigars online cigar store. It’s one of the best tobacco shop in the globe as it offers a variety of products which can assure you that the product you’re looking for is available at their store.

If this cigar shop is too far away from you then you can check their online tobacco store as they also offer delivery services.

This brand of hemp rolling paper can assure you with its quality and all-natural aspects so you don’t have to worry about any kind of harmful product to enter your body and you can enjoy a much safer and enjoyable smoking session.