Are Filtered Cigars Worse Than Cigarettes

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Aug 30th 2021

Are Filtered Cigars Worse Than Cigarettes

Are Filtered Cigars Worse Than Cigarettes

If you’re new to smoking, you’re probably wondering what is the difference between filtered cigars and cigarettes.

Are filtered cigars better than cigarettes? Which one provides the best smoking experience? Which one provides the best taste? Well, it all depends on your taste.

So, are filtered cigars worse than cigarettes or is it the other way around?

Appearance, Weight, and Size

There are a lot of physical differences between cigarettes and filtered cigars. Compared to cigarettes, filtered cigars are heavier. The reason for this is that tobacco weighs a lot.

Filtered cigars are also bigger and longer compared to cigarettes. Another thing that differentiates cigars and cigarettes is the color. Almost every filtered cigar is wrapped in dark or brown paper. On the other hand, cigarettes are usually wrapped in a white paper.


Filtered cigars come in a huge range of various grades and flavors. A couple of cigars are available in a selection of flavors. This includes chocolate, black cherry, or vanilla.

The flavors complement the natural taste of tobacco. A couple of manufacturers of filtered cigars provide various strengths of tobacco so that a smoker can pick the flavor’s intensity.


This is perhaps the biggest difference between the two. In filtered cigars, the tobacco is typically fermented and aged. Aside from that, cigar tobacco typically comes from one source. This produces a smooth and rich flavor to the filtered cigar.

When it comes to cigarettes, fermenting isn’t part of the process. The tobacco is processed quickly. Some also contain additives. Thus, some cigarettes have a sharp and strong flavor.

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