Alec Bradley Cigars and his pursuit of perfection in world

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jan 27th 2022

Alec Bradley Cigars and his pursuit of perfection in world

Alec Bradley Cigars

What are Alec Bradley Cigars?

In 1996, the founding pillar of Alec Bradley Cigars, Alan Rubin, knew nothing about smoking cigars. Which part to cut and which to light was a mystery. His passion to learn made him realize the basics of cigar smoking.

Soon thereafter, he founded Alec Bradley Cigars in honor of Alan’s two sons, Alec & Bradley. The long history of ups and downs became a turning that made people embrace the company’s unique branding. Although new apart from its predecessors, Alec Bradley Cigars proved to be one of the finest rolls.

The driving force of creating a brand that competes with others lies in its secret of giving joy to customers. As long as one is satisfied with each roll, Alec Bradley Cigars holds the power of becoming one of the leading brands. Their history boils down to a 10-second encounter that gave birth to creating the finest rolls.

Following the decline of the cigar industry in 1998, Alan Rubin joined hands with Ralph Montero. They made a unified brand called Occidental Reserve. Their hard work proved effective and people were excited to get a taste of their product.

Making people feel better an hour at a time is a big help in the troubled industry. Working hard for a living gets you drained. But once you light up your cigar, you just sit back and relax while enjoying its taste.

With different flavors of Cuban, Honduras, and Nicaraguan tastes, Alec Bradley Cigars created about 50 blends. 10 of which are limited editions and 12 on its archived lineup. The experience became a driving force to create the finest blends of Alec Bradley Cigars.