AJ Fernandez Cigars and how he became cigar brands

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jan 27th 2022

AJ Fernandez Cigars and how he became cigar brands

AJ Fernandez Cigars

Birthed through the rich tradition of Cuba, AJ Fernandez Cigars follows the Fernandez Cigar Legacy. AJ Fernandez Cigars are the pride of Estili, Nicaragua because of its meticulous cigar-making process. Creating each roll is made under the supervision of AJ himself.

Tabacalera AJ Fernandez ensures premium quality in creating their products. The satisfaction of smoking high-value cigars gives the most satisfying pleasure like none. An unprecedented taste that gives its distinction is what makes AJ Fernandez Cigars a leading brand.

Based in Miami, Florida, AJ Fernandez Cigars tells a story in each brand they make. The distinct blend of each cigar describes AJ’s preferences. With its founding pillar’s expertise in blending and growing tobacco, AJ Fernandez Cigars are the epitome of perfection.

Each tobacco leaf is fervently fermented and finely crafted to create the most intricate taste. A perfect balance of aroma, strength, and flavor made an exceptional taste. As such, the finished product displays the passion and taste of the master blender himself.

A well-balanced smoking experience makes AJ Fernandez Cigars a choice for many. That rich, sweet spot leaves an unforgettable taste on your palate. Creating a cigar is basic. Crafting is magic.

AJ Fernandez Cigars incorporates strategic farming to cultivate the finest tobacco in the market. Each Finca houses the best tobacco plantations across Nicaragua. The importance of cultivating your own plantation is essential in maintaining quality production.

With seven patent brands, AJ Fernandez Cigars looks thoroughly on quality. The satiety you feel after each puff is what makes a cigar great. Focusing on quality is more important than quantity.