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As every aficionado knows, the perfect compliment to a cigar is its ashtray. Cigar Ashtrays are an excellent companion to a good stogie, and have a stark contrast to regular ashtrays. Ashtrays became commonplace in the early 20th century, sold as a consumer product by tobacco companies. Cigar tobacconists refined the design, widening the notches to better hold cigars, and providing a larger base to collect ashes. A good cigar ashtray is more than an accessory, it also makes a statement about the smoker. It communicates the owner's personality type, and can even be used to promote conversation


Glass ashtrays make a subtle hint that the smoker is an impressionist, a person who likes to entertain and influence. Also made of crystal, these ashtrays are generally larger in shape allowing a small crowd of enthusiasts to enjoy a toke in a social setting. These ashtrays state elegance and affluence, drawing an elect crowd to conjugate.


These ashtrays cater to the stylish but durable smoker. They beckon friends to come together in discussion. Strong but polished is the ambiance given from ceramics. With a solid weight and glossy finish they communicate stability and elegance to guests.


If functionality is the impression you're trying to give, steel and other metal ashtrays are the way to go. These ashtrays convey a sense of purpose, sending a mix of both industrialism and composure. Since their inception in the early 1920's, steel ashtrays have never gone out of style

It's important to take a little time to find the best ashtray for your home or office. Of course, an entire array of cigar ashtray types are available for you to choose from. Different types can make different impressions, and each smoker will definitely have his or her own distinct taste.

Cigar ashtrays also make excellent gifts, when giving one to a friend or family member you're not just appreciating the relationship or commemorating a date, you're also complimenting the recipient's personality. With our huge selection of materials, shapes and styles, you can easily find the perfect match for your own, or someone else's, specific taste.


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