Little Cigars

Little Cigars Deliver Extraordinary Flavor and Affordable Prices

Little Cigars have become increasingly popular among cigar and cigarette smokers because of their similarities to cigarettes, and you don't have to break the bank to afford them. You can buy the products online, get deals and discounts and use convenient price-math widgets on retailer websites to calculate costs and savings and compare prices.

Differences Between Little Cigars and Cigarettes

Packed like traditional cigarettes, the tobacco used in little cigars provides a draw that's similar to cigarettes, but you have more choices of flavors and brands than the cigarette industry provides. Little cigars deliver stronger taste profiles due to their higher alkalinity and mix of air-cured and fermented tobaccos. Although these cigars are wrapped like cigarettes and have filters, they differ from cigarettes, which primarily use acidic, flue-cured tobaccos with higher sugar contents.

Ordering your little cigars on the Internet offers price savings, convenience and resources for comparing brands and choosing your favorite flavors or samplers, which is often difficult to do while standing in line at the local tobacco store or market. Speed and ordering convenience are hallmarks of the digital age, and the differences between cigarettes and cigars allows you to order your cigar products online.
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