Backwoods Sweet Aromatic Cigars 8/5Ct
Backwoods Sweet Aromatic Cigars 8/5Ct

Backwoods Sweet Aromatic Cigars 8/5Ct

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Backwoods Cigars are a mild smoke, that taste great at any time of the day. Well made cigar, available in many different flavors.
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Quantity: 8 Packs of 5
Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Natural
Manufacturer: Altadis
Made: Puerto Rico
Size: 4 1/8 x 27

Backwoods Sweet Aromatic Cigars

Backwoods Cigars are popular with cigar smokers all around the United States because they offer good quality for their cost. These cigars are machine made in Puerto Rico and are all natural leaf cigars. Their wrappers are Connecticut Broadleaf and they have a rustic look to them. Because of this, they are popular with male smokers. However, they are mild in strength and sweet in flavor so they would be a great option for any cigar smoker. 

These natural leaf cigarillo shaped cigars are good for those just entering the cigar-smoking world, or those who do not like the potentially harsher taste of other cigars. The mild taste and sweet flavor come from the Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed used in these natural leaf cigars. Backwoods is known for consistent quality filler in their cigars due to their homogenization of the leaf. The smoke is very aromatic and popular as a daily smoker due to their easy and consistent draw. They are sold in packages of 5 with 8 packages to a box for a total of 40 cigars. 

Backwoods cigars have been producing natural leaf cigars have been popular for many years because they offer great value, quality and consistency. It is common to hear people say they have been smoking Backwoods Cigars daily for ten or fifteen years. That kind of brand loyalty does not come from a cheaply made or inferior product. Pick up a pack of Backwoods Sweet Aromatic Cigars today, experience the quality and flavor firsthand.

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