Buy Cheap Sparrow Filtered Cigars

When it's time to enjoy some of the smoothest, richest most refined smoking experiences available in a filtered cigar, it's time to experience the premium taste of Sparrow little cigars. These enjoyable, utterly delicious cigars use an expertly blended combination of ribbon cut pipe tobacco and Cavendish for a taste that’s incredibly full bodied. These cigarette sized cigars offer a top of the line smoke, and they have the added convenience of being permitted in areas where regular pipes or cigar smokers are not.

With a mild to medium taste and a completely natural wrapper, Sparrow little cigars offer a refined smoothness that belies its very reasonable price. These filtered cigars come in a choice of rich, full flavors including Blue Pipe, Original and Blend #23. For cigar aficionados who want a rich, refined taste that they can take and smoke at their own convenience, Sparrow filtered cigars are absolutely the smoke of choice.

Sparrow Filtered Cigars

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