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For starters, CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is a vital ingredient in the natural products industry. You may be familiar with marijuana, in which case the main ingredient in that is THC which is Tetrahydrocannabinol.

I bring this is up because the two are from the same family called cannabis. They’re twins so to speak but even though the two can be inhaled, smoked, vaped, used in an oil, and or sprayed, CBD doesn’t have the same capability of giving off a “high” like its brother.

What has many scientists and doctors interested however isn’t the “pleasure” that’s often associated, but rather the possible therapeutic effects it can bring to the hospital and local pharmacies.


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The question many people are asking isn’t necessarily what is CBD, but rather can it benefit health in ways more traditional medicines can’t?

There isn’t enough scientific data to support this question, and the lack of research has stumped doctors wondering about the potential health risk trying to find out the hard way.

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However, CBD has quite some attention as of late, a sort of research renaissance if you will in the way of legalization efforts so this plant can be studied even more. There are at the least 150 trials currently testing it as a treatment for quite a few health conditions such as autism, alcoholism, schizophrenia, skin conditions, and even epilepsy.

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According to research, it’s even capable of having some effect on feelings and thoughts of anxiety and even self harm. There isn’t enough research to support intaking this plant over something like say, placebo or trileptal.

Like most things though, the side effects are still present, ranging from tiredness and diarrhea, all the way to poor sleep quality, lowered appetite, and even fatigue of certain bodily functions.

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I’ve constantly been talking about the medical purposes, but another purpose that I’ve neglected to mention entirely is its usage in food and beverages. Anything cannabis related doesn’t naturally grow with or on foods; they have to be “laced” with it.

In most cases, certain items may come with the label that they have certain traces of the cannabidiol but in reality, they either have very little or none at all. Anything claiming to have higher levels have received warnings from the Food and Drug Administrations for health concerns.

CBD is still being researched after all.

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