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Benefits of Using Bongs to Smoke Herbs 

There are a few different ways to do it when it comes to smoking herbs. You can smoke them out of a pipe, or you can roll them up in a joint. But another way to smoke herbs is by using a bong. Bongs have been around for centuries and offer several benefits over other methods of smoking herbs. Here are just a few of the benefits of using bongs to smoke your favorite spices.

What Are Bongs?

Bongs are essentially water pipes, or so they were initially designed. Bongs have been around for centuries but only began making their way into modern culture in the 1960s. Since then, they have continued to be a popular smoking herb method among many smokers.

They are essentially pipes shaped so that smoke is filtered through water before it gets to your lungs. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles with the most common being beaker bongs and glass bongs. However, one thing each bong has in common is the shape that forces the smoke through water before it reaches your mouth.

Benefits of Using Bongs

A bong is an excellent choice for smokers because it offers several benefits. Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider using a bong instead of another method to smoke your herbs:

Produce Smoother Smoke

Bongs offer smooth and cool hits. Many herbs used in smoking can be harsh on your throat and lungs. If you've ever used a dry herb vaporizer, you'll know how much smoother the smoke is in comparison. A bong filters the smoke through water which cools it down and makes it far less harsh on your throat and lungs.

You can't get too high from smoking a bong. This is because you are taking minor hits each time you inhale over some time. You can keep going back for more hits, but you won't get excessively high from smoking a bong. 

No Combustion Taking Place

When you light dry herbs on fire and smoke them, you are essentially combusting the herbs. Many times, this leads to smoke that is harsh on the throat and lungs. However, there is no combustion taking place with a bong, so your herbs aren't burned up entirely before they reach your mouth.

The water in the water bongs cools down the smoke before it gets to your mouth. The smoke that comes through it is much more relaxed than smoke from a pipe or a joint.


Smoking a bong is typically much healthier than smoking dry herbs from a pipe or a joint. This is because you aren't burning up all the herb and inhaling harmful carcinogens and carbon monoxide with each hit. Because there is no combustion taking place, it helps eliminate harmful carcinogens from your smoke.

Easy to Use and Clean

Another great benefit of using a bong to smoke your herbs is that they are easy to use and clean. They typically come with a removable bowl piece, which makes cleaning the bong's inside extremely easy. When you find yourself looking for a new way to smoke dry herbs, consider buying or making a bong as an alternative.

They also come with several pieces and aren't too difficult to use. If you want an excellent way to get smooth and cool hits without inhaling harmful carcinogens and carbon monoxide, using it may be your best choice.

Bongs are great because they offer several benefits over other methods of smoking herbs. They produce smoother hits, they allow you to take small amounts of smoke at a time without getting too high, and the filtered smoke is much healthier than smoking out of a pipe or joint. Give them a try if you want smooth, cool herb hits without inhaling harsh smoke.

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