CBD Gummies and Insomnia: Can They Help You Sleep Again?

CBD Gummies and Insomnia: Can They Help You Sleep Again?

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Feb 10th 2020

Nothing makes insomniacs more jealous than listening to people talk about how well they slept the night before. You’ve probably tried all their usual advice, like solid sleep hygiene, meditation, and regular exercise. You may have even tried magnesium and melatonin among so many other sleep remedies. Nothing seems to work consistently.

But have you tried CBD gummies? You’ve surely heard about there, and they didn’t quite get your hopes up – but trust us, it’s worth a try.

Putting CBD Gummies to the Test

According to a 2017 HuffPost article, it was reported that CBD not only reduces insomnia but improves the general sleeping cycle. Now CBD can be taken in the form of tinctures or as capsules, but CBD gummies appear to have some miraculous anti-anxiety properties that promote relaxation.

How this works is that these colorful little candies produce melatonin naturally in our bodies. That helped most users with jet lag, but it had next to no effect on easing underlying anxiety that was contributing to their insomnia.

Our Verdict on CBD Gummies

Each individual is unique, and that is why their body reacts differently to CBD. Most people’s responses were based on how CBD was processed by their bodies and how their cannabinoid receptors are spread out in their bodies. This is also one of the main reasons why it has proven hard to recommend standardized dosing for CBD.

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