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Are The Rumors True? Does CBD cure ADHD?

Are The Rumors True? Does CBD cure ADHD?

Posted by Martin on Jan 29th 2020

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the two active compounds in cannabis. You may have heard about the buzz that CBD products are getting and how they miraculously heal certain health disorders. But are these rumors true?

Yes, It Can, AND There Is Plenty of Evidence

Does CBD cure ADHD? Scientifically speaking, there is little evidence, but there IS evidence, all the same. Plus, the confusion in the scientific community doesn’t even revolve around CBD. Instead, their reservations are more about the 100 other compounds that come with CBD in the cannabis plant.

If you focus only on the CBD, then you’ll surely find quite a few cases on the internet that narrate how CBD helped ADHD symptoms among hundreds of users. Since we’ve done all the research for you – one thing’s for sure – CBD does cure restlessness and hyperactivity. This is probably why most people choose CBD for ADHD treatment in the first place!

Here’s Some Proof

People who have ADHD struggle a lot with anxiety, and this is why CBD oil can seriously be considered for treatment. A 2016 study found that CBD helped children with sleep problems and anxiety, and another 2013 study backs this up. The earlier study looked into the relationship between ADHD and cannabis use and how it countered impulsivity and hyperactivity.

As a result, many people DID use cannabis daily to reduce the effects of their symptoms. Recent studies point to the fact that CBD is the constituent that helps cure the ‘inattentive’ symptoms of ADHD and all of its subtypes. It may still be unclear how CBD works, but it DOES work. And this isn’t even the best part! CBD has ZERO side-effects!

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