Does CBD Lotion Work?

Does CBD Lotion Work?

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jan 29th 2020

Does CBD Lotion Work?

CBD products continue to rise in demand, and they have come a long way from the simpler CBD-infused oils. Now, it’s a common sight to come across more creative products like CBD tasting oils (that can be dropped right onto your tongue) or even therapeutic bath bombs!

We, however, are going to be talking about a much simpler creation – something that is quite like your standard moisturizer but has all the pain relief effects of common CBD treatments.

Quite Like Your Standard Lotions and Creams, but Better!

CBD lotions are formulated for regular use and can be applied daily, just like an average sunscreen or face cream. They even have the same ingredients as standard moisturizers. The only difference is that these products are infused with CBD – but how does that make a difference?

CBD, as you may already know, is a naturally occurring substance in cannabis flowers. Now, most of the constituents in this magical plant are responsible for the much loved psychoactive effects. CBD, on the other hand, is what results in the body’s natural balance and pain relief.

Since CBD is infused in these lotions, they begin working their magic right from the point when they are absorbed by your skin. As a result, these products are a quicker form of pain relief as opposed to edible products.

Does CBD Lotion Work?

That’s a fair question since most brands outright lie to get your attention. To answer your question, let’s briefly walk you through how CBD lotions work.

When you’re in pain, your body releases mediators that naturally repair damaged tissues. Even though they are necessary, these mediators are the reason you experience all the pain in the first place. CBD lotions benefit you by limiting the number of mediators in your body while still allowing your body to heal naturally.

Try Testing One for Yourself

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