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Aspen Valley CBD Hemp Filtered Pre-rolls

MSRP: $49.99
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0.03 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Filtered Pre-rolls
Aspen Valley
Machine Made:
100% American grown hemp flower
10 packs each with 20 cigarettes


The Aspen Valley CBD Hemp Pre-rolls are pre-rolled hemp cigarettes made with 100% American grown hemp flower. Contains less than 0.3% THC. Sold by the carton and contain 10 packs each with 20 cigarettes. Each straight contains 0.85g and approx. 10% CBD. 

What is CBD Flower?

CBD Flower is the actual plant material that CBD Oil products are extracted from. However, we have separated out the buds, which hold the majority of cannabinoid contents. This creates a non-psychoactive hemp flower that individuals may smoke, consume, cook with, and more. Find out why people are so excited about this newfound CBD option today.

Warranty Information

We are not the makers. We are an online cigar shop. We retail the products. If you have questions in regards to this product as to why it is dried or had some sort of defect please refer those questions to the manufacturer. We are just an online tobacco shop All CBD are not returnable. All E-Cigarettes are not returnable. E-Cigarettes do not have any sort of warranty. E-Liquids cannot be return.