Why You Need Stallion Filter Tubes?

If there’s anything better than buying a pack of smokes, then it is rolling your own. Hand rolled cigarettes may sound traditional, but they’re a far better option for those trying to reduce their tobacco consumption without actually having to quit completely!

If you’re rolling your own cigarette or joint, there are a few things you need:

·         Rolling paper

·         Loose tobacco or marijuana/weed

·         Rolling machine

·         Filter tubes

In the market, there is a plethora of brands offering all these items with ensured quality at affordable prices. But so far, Stallion filter tubes have been rated as the best ones!

What Is the Purpose of Filter Tubes?

Like the name suggests, these tubes filter out the cigarette or joint you smoke; hence, they reduce the tobacco consumption and decrease the tar intake of your body. Filter tubes became particularly popular in the 1950s, when scientific studies proved that filter tubes sieve out the tar and nicotine from the cigarette, making smoking safer and healthier.

At present, Stallion filter tubes are highly popular. This is because they are available in several flavors that make smoking a fulfilling experience. Not only do you get the kick of nicotine, but you’re also left with a pleasant aftertaste. So far, Stallion’s best selling filter tube is its menthol flavor.

Benefits of Filter Tubes

Filter tubes offer several benefits. Whether you’re a newbie or a chain smoker, below are some of the top benefits of using Stallion’s premium filter tubes:

1.     Prevents Smoker’s Cough

Stallion filter tubes have worked effectively in curbing smoker’s cough, which is something that many smokers around the world experience. Using a filter tube as a crutch to your cigarette or blunt can immensely reduce the wheezing you experience due to smoker’s cough. This saves you from embarrassing situations.

2.     Prevents Odor from Your Hands

Another thing that many smokers cannot avoid is the smell that stays on their hands after a smoke. However, by attaching a filter tube to the end of your cigarette or joint, you can successfully prevent any traces of the smell and save yourself from a confrontational encounter.

3.     Prevents Teeth Staining

By far, the most visible and unsightly aftermath of smoking is the staining or discoloration of your teeth. Due to the tar intake, your teeth begin to lose out their pearl-white spark and turn into an awful shade of yellow. However, as the filter tubes reduce your tar intake, they effectively prevent teeth staining or discoloration, leaving your smile bright and charming.

4.     Prevents Smoker’s Breath

Smokers’ breath is something you cannot get rid of, no matter how many gums you chew. However, by using filter tubes from Stallion, you can actually keep your breath fresh and pleasant.

A lesser known benefit of filter tubes is treating sensitive gums with care and caution! So if you’re ready to smoke in a healthy manner, then head over to Buitrago Cigars and buy your own box of filter tubes!