A Wonan smoking a joint

The Most Popular Rolling styles

From joints that can be easily cooked up on-the-go to ones that can only be described as exotic, you may just find your perfect match in the following list. These are the rolling styles you most definitely may have heard whispers of in movies or in some circles.

1.     The Regular Joint

Rolling up a high-quality joint can only be perfected with experience – and only some Jedi-like smokers start off as masters. This rolling style is the perfect starting place for your joint-rolling life. All you need to know here is that you need to roll tightly enough to produce an even burn and not tight enough to cause uneven puffs.

To roll this type of joint, we’d recommend using the Big Bambu Rolling Papers. They even have their own chemical-free gum sealers to make things easy.

2.     The Pinner

This is simply a street name for a joint that is much smaller that a regular joint and provides a micro-dose. In order to roll one up, you may need smaller rolling papers like the ¼ Cheech & Chong Rolling Papers - and some experience.

3.     Shotgun Joint

The shotgun joint rolling style is simply a stoner’s way of smoking 2 joints in one session. This is why they end up rolling something which looks like a double barreled shotgun. Well, why not?

4.     Cone

This particular rolling style is what you’re going to end up with (unintentionally) when you’re a novice roller. What’s important to mention here is that some brands offer pre-rolled cones to relieve you of all your rolling troubles. An example of this is the RAW Cone Filler, which can be found in many different sizes.

5.     The Cross Joint

Stoner – or no stoner, we’ve all seen Pineapple Express right? This is why the most popular from among so many exotic rolling styles is the cross joint. This is no easy job for a novice roller and as Saul says in the movie, “This is like the apex of the vortex of joint engineering.”

Now that you know the basic rolling styles, you’re geared enough to stop looking for rolling styles for atleast a year. Till then, you better find the right rolling papers for your architectural endeavors.

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