What Have You Been Smoking? A Guide for Rolling Paper Materials

Smoking a joint has become quite common over the past few decades, and it was believed to have been originated somewhere in Mexico in 1850. Even before people started prohibiting joints, cannabis cigarettes were all around us. We can, therefore, say that cannabis joints have been common for quite some time, but their rolling papers can still be seen diversifying.

Don’t you want to know what you’ve been smoking so far? The buzz is all good now, but maybe our guide for rolling papers can help you spice things up. Hence, in our rolling papers guide, we will be talking about the popular materials being used to manufacture rolling papers.

Common Materials in Rolling Papers

The process of smoking hasn’t changed much over the years, but the materials we smoke them in have diversified quite a lot. Nowadays, smokers can be seen looking for rolling papers that are either delicious, healthy, or a little more novel than a blunt. Either way, joint lovers are on the lookout for rolling papers that are perfect for them. So why shouldn’t you?

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular materials out there, shall we?

1.     Hemp Rolling Papers

This is close to the most logical way you can smoke your ganja! Hemp, if you didn’t already know, is a sustainable crop – and since they are, your smoking habit could be an environmentally conscious one. These 100% hemp fibers are usually brown or beige in color and aren’t bleached or processed. One of the most common in this category is the aptly named raw rolling papers.

2.     Wood Pulp Rolling Papers

The most common types of rolling papers in the market belong to this category because paper is made from wood pulp. These wood pulp rolling papers are usually white because they are chemically bleached and thoroughly processed, which in turn also make them burn quickly.

3.     Rice Rolling Papers

This category is the other type of white paper amongst rolling papers and is made by processing and pressing rice into sheets. Why rice thought? Well, rice tends to be thinner than traditional forms of paper and provides fellow smokers with a slow burn. These rolling papers are also blended with other additives like flavors and flax.  In this category, elements rolling papers stand as one of the most popular choices.

4.     Flavored Rolling Papers

There are some smokers out there who prefer a little flavor with their herbs, which is why they get themselves some flavor-infused rolling papers. These papers tend to be infused with traditional fruit or organic terpenes flavors. That being said, the best examples for this category include Juicy Jays rolling papers.

Even though these rolling papers are popular, we have barely scratched the surface. With these, however, you can begin your trails in to the deep forest.

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