Authentic Arabian hookah flavors available in packs ready for use

If there’s one way to spend some quality time with your friends and family, then it’s over a shisha session.  Many people go to shisha lounges to experience the thrill and excitement of smoking a hookah pipe. But now that you Hookah pipes are available online, you can buy the best hookah flavors of 2019 and enjoy a shisha session at home!

When you hear the word hookah, you’re likely to think about two things—dense clouds of smoke and delectable flavors! If you’ve already bought your hookah pipe and read every guide on making your own shisha at home, then it’s time you get to know the nitty-gritties about hookah flavors.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of 4 hookah flavors that have been rated as the best flavors to smoke in 2019:

1.     Starbuzz Shisha: Vintage

Starbuzz shisha is one of the most renowned brands that offer exciting and appeasing hookah flavors that you can find online! Starbuzz categorizes its flavors into 3 wings: Starbuzz Exotic, Starbuzz Bold and Starbuzz Vintage.

For 2019, Starbuzz Vintage has been rated as the best hookah flavor to smoke. It offers a rich and strong flavor that gives you an immediate buzz that you crave. Its sweetness has undertones of caramel and sugar that are absolutely tantalizing and give you a unique shisha experience.

2.     Naklha Shisha: Peach

Naklha Shisha is an Egyptian brand that specializes in making hookah pipes, charcoals and flavors. It has a wide range of hookah flavors such as apple, green apple, ice lemon mint and mint that have been in-demand for a long time.

This year, Nakhla Shisha came up with its peach flavor that tastes heavenly. The flavor itself has a robust kick of buzz and a fulfilling taste that has users coming back for more. If you’re looking for a hookah flavor that is light and delicious, then Naklha’s Peach hookah flavor is the one to go for!

3.     Fumari Hookah Tobacco: White Gummy Bear

As if CBD gummies weren’t enough of a twist on the traditional treat, now you can enjoy the sweetness of your favorite candy through a hookah pipe! Fumari Hookah Tobacco has come up with a bunch of creative flavors in the last few years inducing blueberry muffin, tangelo, sweet pineapple and even spiced chai.

For 2019, the Company has introduced its ground-breaking hookah flavor—the white gummy bear! With every puff, you don’t just get to cherish the shisha buzz, but you also get to enjoy the burst of juicy flavor.

4.     Haze Tobacco: Mint Blend

Haze tobacco is a Texas based hookah flavor manufacturer that has been known for its wide range of hookah flavors. The company is known for offering premium quality hookah flavors that allow you to produce thick smokes with every puff.

From the Unique Haze blended flavors to Haze cocktail flavors, the company has come up with several unique creations. But for 2019, its mint blend flavors remain a favorite! In this range, you have several options to choose from, including lemon mint, mint fiesta, ice berg, and refreshing spice le’mint.

With these hookah flavors, you can notch up your shisha sessions and enjoy a lounge-bar’s experience at home! Get your favorite hookah flavors at Buitrago Cigars and smoke in the Arabian style.