Swisher Sweets Wood Tip Cigarillos Pack
Swisher Sweets Wood Tip Cigarillos Pack

Swisher Sweets Wood Tip Cigarillos Pack

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Swisher Sweets Cigars have great taste, quality and aroma, these cigars are available in a wide variety styles like Cigarillos, Little Cigars, Blunts, Wood Tips, Coronella and many more.
Part Number: 2032
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Quantity: 10 Packs of 5

Strength: Mild

Wrapper: Natural

Manufacturer: Swisher International

Size: 4 7/8 x 29

Shape: Cigarillo

Made in: Jacksonville, FL

Swisher Sweets Wood Tip cigars are one of the most loved smoking products available on the market. These cigars come with a tip made of pine wood which filters the smoke and lets you draw in an enhanced, earthy whiff. Measuring 4 inches in length with a ring gauge of 29, they give let you have the most gratifying quick smoke. They are available in collections of 10 packs of 5 machine-made, individually-wrapped smokes. The packaging is designed to be portable and to keep the encased cigars as fresh as new.

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