Prime Time Little Cigars

Prime Time Little Cigars is a brand of mild cigars that offer a rich taste and aroma to cigar smokers all over the world. The cigars come in a wide variety of flavors, which include Wild Berry, Grape, Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach, and Cherry. These flavors can be bought in carton packs of 10 and 20 where they will be exquisitely rolled up in Connecticut-grown wrappers full of Virginia-grown fillers.

This brand of little cigars offers its users pleasant and strong flavors which aren’t easily available in the cigar domain nowadays. If you smoke one of these tasty creations, you will only experience the finest ingredients with every breath you take. The brand promises that if you light up any of their cigars, you will be able to sniff aromas the likes of which you’ve never experienced before.

The flavors offered by Prime Time Little Cigars include the usual tastes offered by other companies, but there are also some that raise the bar quite considerably. An example of this is the peach flavored little cigars, which will actually taste like fresh peaches. Amongst the younger generation, however, the blueberry flavor tends to be the most popular one. Whether this is because it reminds young adults of blueberry pies that were made at their homes or because of some other reason – many youngsters love this flavor. One particular flavor which brought great applause from cigar smokers was cherry.

A reason why these delicious flavors are applauded is because they contain the ideal mixture of mild smolder. Prime Time Little Cigars are renowned for their defined tastes due to superior tobaccos and dignified burn times. Manufacturing these cigars produces mellow levels of smoke, which provides the mildest aromas and tastes. Finally, to deliver the beautiful blend of smoke, these little cigars employ built-in filter tips which revitalize and improve the flavors with every puff.

All of the above features contribute to the most soothing and luxurious short smoke breaks – whether you’re in your office or out socializing. Even the rich smell that emanates from these little cigars will not cause anyone any form of annoyance, as is seen in the case of boring cigarettes. It is no surprise that these three-and-a-half inch premium cigars are an enormous hit amongst both seasoned tobacco fans and first-time smokers. They deliver pure quality and unmatched taste!

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