5 Exciting Juul Vaporizer Flavors You Can Buy

The millennials’ obsession with Vape has come to its demise. Nevertheless, the teenage fever now revolves around the new e-cigarettes that all the cool kids in town are going crazy about—Juul Vaporizers.

What are Juul Vaporizers?

Juul Vaporizers are the ultra-modern e-cigarettes that have become the talk of the town in a short span of time. Sleek and stylish, Juul vaporizers are designed like a USB flash drive and use adjustable nicotine salt-based fluid cartridges to give you a rush of nicotine in a mouthful of puff.

Thanks to the masterminds behind Juul Vaporizers, which are otherwise known as ‘JuulPods’, smoking is no longer a result of an age-old habit. In fact, by getting your hands on some of the exciting flavors of Juul Vaporizers mentioned below, you can actually enjoy your much needed nicotine kick with a burst of taste-bud wagging flavors!

5 Exciting Juul Vaporizer Flavors You Need to Try!

1.    Mango Flavored Juul Vaporizer

Juul Pod Mango

If you’re someone that impatiently waits for the summer for a tantalizing burst of flavors from mangos, then you no longer have to wait! You can now get a pang of your favorite fruit by puffing our fruit infused Juul Pod Mango!

2.    Cool Mint Flavored Juul Vaporizer

Juul Pod Cool Mint

Smokers are notorious for the unpleasant smoker’s breath. So if you’ve got a date and need to prep up for a midnight kiss, then you need to restructure your habits and switch to the Cool Mint flavored Juul Vaporizer! This Juul Pod contains the essence of mint, which leaves your mouth smelling fresh.

3.    Crème Brûlée Flavored Juul Vaporizer

Juul Pod Crème Brûlée

Who knew smoking could be as fulfilling as a bite of heavenly Crème brûlée? If you crave a smoke and dessert after dinner, then we have the perfect solution for you! With the Crème brûlée essence infused Juul Vaporizer, you can now puff in the delightful taste of your favorite dessert, leaving your mouth sweet and salivating!

4.    Fruit Medley Flavored Juul Vaporizer

Juul Pod Fruit Medley

Fruit Medley is rated as the most exciting and flavorsome flavor in the range of Juul Vaporizers! With a blend of berries, peaches, grapes and undertones of herbal essence, this Juul Vaporizer has a well-balanced sweet and tangy flavor that makes smoking a whole new experience.

5.    Classic Tobacco Flavored Juul Vaporizer

Juul Pod Classic Tobacco

If you’re a traditionalist, then the Classic Tobacco Juul Vaporizer flavor is the perfect choice for you! With this flavor, you can smartly satisfy your craving for a smoke!

Smoking smart can now be an enjoyable experience thanks to the vast variety of Juul Vaporizer flavors available in the market. So if you’re ready to try something new, then Buitrago Cigars can hook you up! So what’re you waiting for? Visit our website to experience the very best.