How to Choose the Right Size of Rolling Papers

Smoking joints doesn’t have to be to pass time. Whether you’re using rolling papers, puffing from a spliff or about to blaze blunts – smoking marijuana can take a whole new form of art.

Modern marijuana smokers have a lot of demands when it comes to rolling a joint. This isn’t because of the huge variety of cannabis strains in the market. The real problem is the sheer abundance of rolling papers that make it difficult for marijuana users to make up their mind.

When you’re choosing the right rolling paper for your next 4:20 session, take steps to make every puff count.  If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out the right size for your rolling paper, consider the following tips.

Size of Rolling Papers

Selecting the perfect size of rolling paper depends on what you intend to smoke and how you intend on smoking it. Generally, these rolling papers can be purchased in the following categories of sizes:

1.       Single Wide

2.       11/4

3.       11/2

4.       Double Wide

5.       King

Single Wide

It is normal to find it a little difficult to roll joints with single wide-sized rolling papers. This is because of their smaller size, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you will see that this size is perfect if you’re making a joint for only one individual. If, however, the scenario involves passing the pièce de résistance to others, then you should consider bigger rolling papers.


Rolling papers that are one-and-a-quarter inch in size are among the most popular of all size categories. These rolling papers can be rolled up into something like a cigarette, and they are ideal for a group of upto 3 people.


If you and your friends need longer hits, then the one-and-a-half inch rolling paper is a great option. Once they have been rolled up, they will yield a joint which is larger than the average cigarette but smaller than a blunt.

Double Wide

These are probably one of the least popular categories in the market. This is because they can allow for larger joints, but if they aren’t used properly, they will form a double layer of paper. This means that you will probably be inhaling more of the paper then what it holds. If, however, you are new to rolling papers, you should definitely start with this category. With these, you will have plenty of room to work with.


If you have a bigger circle of people who are going to puff on one joint (about 5 or 6 people), then you can get yourself the king-sized paper and easily spread the love. These papers also allow for better ventilation in the fillers, which in turn allows for more smokes.

It’s really as simple as that. So if you’ve made a decision of what size is perfect for you, then Buitrago Cigars can hook you up! So what’re you waiting for? Visit our website to place an order.