Clipper Cigars

One of the oldest brands for filtered cigars in the United States is Clipper Filtered Cigars. Since their introduction, they have been providing smokers with full flavored ranges for their cigar smoking preferences.

Clipper has gone on to offer their customers a wide diversity of flavors and styles for premium cigars. These include Full Flavor tobaccos, Strawberry, Menthol and Cherry among so many more. They have even cast a few other ranges which were introduced to further entice cigarette smokers to their range with the help of Light and Ultra Light style cigars.

In the last few decades, Clipper has managed to gain significant traction and has grown to be admired by cigar smokers around the world. One reason for this is that these cigars, which are manufactured in the state of Texas by Global Tobacco LLC, continue to keep their prices stagnant even when the average price of cigarettes is on the rise.

While we’re on the topic, their price isn’t the only reason why they are admired by their loyal customers around the world. They also keep coming up with the most interesting innovations of flavors and aromatic cigars such as their recent introduction of a special line of clove flavored cigars. The premium tobacco used in this product was mixed with dried clove spice in order to come up with this splendid autumnal and hearty flavor of smoke.

Clipper Filtered Cigars can be found in two different categories and styles. These include the Red and Black versions which are a unique smoking experience on their own. People who prefer smoking aromatic and flavored cigars were instantly driven toward this new innovation and quickly fell in love with every puff.

It is also a fact that more and more cigarette smokers and quickly switching to cigars and cigarillos because of their high quality levels. With the help of Clipper’s light aromas and satisfying ranges of taste, they have been quite successful in capturing this very market. Examples of such successful introductions also include the Peach and Strawberry range. These cigars deliver an excellent experience without overpowering smokers with artificial and unnatural flavors.

Clipper cigars tend to saturate their premium quality tobacco fillings with the nicest essence of fruits and spices in order to effectively deliver quality. This is why it doesn’t matter whether you are a casual cigar smoker or you absolutely love to smoke them – you are guaranteed to enjoy their cool flavors and smoke.

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Who knows, Clipper cigars may even be your perfect match. So come on out and join the bandwagon of absolutely satisfied cigar smokers!