Grabba Leaf: Everything to Know About It

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jul 10th 2020

There is currently a new trend for smokers using whole tobacco leaves to smoke their tobacco. The reason for this is that people today tend to find natural alternatives to use for their smoke session. They find it much more appealing compared to using standard rolling papers.The Grabba Leaf is one of these popular tobacco leaves that smokers tend to crave due to the dark rich f …
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Are You Buying from the Right Cigar Store? A Buyer’s Guide

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jun 19th 2020

Are You Buying from the Right Cigar Store? A Buyer’s GuideAlthough we appreciate smoking cigars, the problem is that there are some cigar stores that don’t offer the best of experiences. There are some stores that offer the most inconvenient problems with grumpy salespeople, bad products, and bad locations.Although these factors are just minor issues for cigar aficionados, this …
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Let’s face it, smoking cigars is definitely an expensive hobby. A single cigar can cost $6 to $8, and premium ones can even go up to $40 to $60 apiece.Cigar enthusiasts will spend that much money in order to get a hit from a fine quality tobacco roll and will even spend more for its storage and accessories. But is there a good way to save on buying cigars?Well, a good way to do …
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Tobacco vs Cigarillo: Which One is for You?

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jun 8th 2020

Choosing to smoke between tobacco and cigarillos can become quite confusing as smokers usually want what’s going to let them enjoy their smoke session.As these two types of ways to smoke do have their pros and cons, it will usually depend on the person on how they like to enjoy their cigars.Here we’ll talk about the difference between these two to help you choose what you want …
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What are Filtered Cigars?

Posted by Martin Buitrago on Jun 8th 2020

Filtered cigars have now started to become a trend these days and some people have already used them as an alternative to cigarettes. Smokers have also been using it due to how it has less nicotine compared to other types of tobacco products.But are these filtered cigars actually worth it? Are they much better compared to other ways to smoke tobacco? Well just keep reading as w …
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