3 of the Very Best Cigarette Rolling Papers

In the roll-your-own-cigarette process, the most important element is rolling papers. All you need to do is fill one of these specially manufactured sheets with your favorite blend of tobacco using your own hands or perhaps a cigarette roller. You can even add cigarette filter or paper tips if you think this enhances your smoking experience.

While we carry a wide variety of reputable brands, sizes, and types of rolling papers, there are some that users enjoy the most. Here are some of the best types of cigarette rolling papers for seasoned smokers.

1.     Raw Unrefined Classic 1.25

As we’ve seen in so many cases, the classics tend to be the best. Unrefined Classic 1.25 rolling papers are ultra thin so as to ensure your smoking experience isn’t too harsh on your throat, even though these are surprisingly quite slow burning.

You can easily roll up a great cigarette with this particular size. The packaging of the papers makes it very easy to store the rolled cigarettes in your pockets. So, with this in hand, you can always have the proper tools for a classic smoke break whenever you want.

These rolling papers are so thin that they seem quite translucent, and manufacturing these papers requires no bleach at all. This means that not only do these ultra thin papers have a naturally brown color, but they also offer a non-toxic smoking experience. To boost your smoking experience, make sure to use rolling papers made from vegan materials.

2.     Zig Zag Ultra Thin 1.25

Would you believe that this brand has been around for more than a century? The company was founded in 1855, and it is now among the most well-known brands for high-quality rolling papers. With a century’s worth of experience, you can definitely count on the Zigzag Ultra Thin 1.25 rolling papers to deliver the best  smoking experience.

These cigarette papers have come to be known by most cigarette smokers as white or oranges – because of these colors on different sized packs. If we’re talking about the most popular cigarette papers in terms of style, then these are the way to go.

Other than style, however, they also offer great functionality for the user. This is because the rolling papers are made out of natural Arabic gum, which completely eliminates the taste of burnt paper from the whole smoking experience.

3.     Juicy Jay’s 1.25 Flavored Variety Pack

If you enjoy a little flavor with your smoke, then you will find that Juicy Jay’s 1.25 flavored rolling papers are the very best. For those who don’t think flavors is a good idea, well think about the taste of resin that always builds up in your mouth when you’re at the end of a rolled cigarette. Nobody enjoys this taste, even if you’re using the highest grade of rolling papers.

Not only do these papers make the whole smoking experience great, but this famous brand also offers some great flavors. These include green apple, bubble gum, maple syrup, grape, blueberry, and cherry. These are different, however, from other flavored papers as they don’t only employ flavors on the gum strip. Instead, the whole length of these papers produces a beautiful blend of delicious flavors!

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