3 of the Very Best Blunt Wraps

As long as the weed and tobacco community exists, there are always going to be products that enhance their overall experience. Many people are quite satisfied with plain old fillers and rolling papers, but there will always be those who just want more from their smoking experience. Enter blunt wraps.

There are hundreds of blunt wrap brands all over the globe. Some of these are made from natural ingredients to promote safe smoking. There are also some that contain embedded aromas that provide a tasty smoking experience. Are you having trouble deciding which blunt wrap to pick? If yes, then check out the following popular blunt wrap brands.

1.     White Owl Cigars

If you’re on the lookout for a brand that you can blindly trust for a top notch blunt wrap, then you can stop your search now. White Owl is probably one of the oldest names in the industry, and their all-natural paper speaks for itself.

You can even go ahead and choose from a wide variety of flavors if that’s your thing. If not, you can opt for the plain verities and enjoy the beautifully unhindered smoke from these wraps. White Owl blunt wraps offer the best balance between cost and value.

2.     Phillies Blunts

If you have wrapped weed or tobacco in blunt wraps before, then you will definitely have come across the brand Phillies. This particular brand tends to be one of the most popular blunt wraps out there. They are neither too fancy nor too luxurious. Instead they are the perfect amount of both, resulting in a very enjoyable blunt smoking experience.

Phillies blunt wraps are also known to burn quite slowly so you can pass these around easily amongst your group of friends. Other than lasting for a long period of time, these wraps are also known to be extra smooth.

If you choose these blunt wraps, then you will definitely be getting value off every penny you spend. If you’re into flavored blunts, Phillies will still have your back. Among the wide variety of flavors available, the strawberry and peach blunt wraps are said to be the best.

3.     Entourage Cigars

If you want an extra nicotine buzz, then you should consider buying Entourage blunt wraps . This is because these blunt wraps are infused with nicotine, which will give you the cigarette taste you were craving for. There are many weed smokers out there who add extra nicotine to blunt wraps. With the help of Entourage wraps though, the extra tobacco topping  will become completely unnecessary. Entourage blunt wraps provide the extra dose of weed you crave for!

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