Use of Rolling Papers versus using a Pipe

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Use of Rolling Papers versus using a Pipe
Rolling Papers and its use versus traditional pipes
As the use of herbal medicine increases, many people are beginning to wonder what the best way of smoking their product actually is. What you may notice if you have tried different smoking methods is that each one is different. Some methods are very harsh and unpleasant while others can be smooth and very enjoyable. Although it may depend on your personal preference, there tends to be a lot of people leaning towards certain methods

Romeo y Julieta: Cigars with a history

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Romeo y Julieta: Cigars with a history
Few cigar brands can claim to have been present at as many great historical moments as Romeo y Julieta cigars, the favorite brand of British prime minister Winston Churchill. After visiting Havana as a journalist in 1895, Churchill fell in love with Cuban cigars and smoked them incessantly, even through the lean years of World War II. 

Panter Cigarillos the best new old handmade cigarillos

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Panter Cigars
Anyone who smokes cigars knows that there are many factors that persuade them to buy a certain type of cigar. Cigars need to be fresh, made with quality, and have a good taste to be enjoyable. A popular cigar company that has recently emerged in the industry is Panter Cigars. Panter is a trustworthy company with a good history. The brand was introduced back in 1935 and used the Panther as their company logo. They felt like the Panther would be a good inspiration and reflection of the image that the company wishes to portray. When this company was first introduced, it just so happen to be around the time that people first began using tobacco leaves as the paper to roll cigars in. This turning point in tobacco history generated inspiration for Panter Cigars and the method is used in 90% of all cigars produced today. 

Montecristo Cigars the best money can buy

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Montecristo Cigars
Montecristo is a Cuban cigar which has overcome decades of strife to become one of best cigars in the world.
The Montecristo brand derives its name from the famous novel written by Alexander Dumas, The Count of Montecristo. Cigar makers or "torcedores" would work producing these fine cigar while a lector would read the novel to them in the factory. Accounts of overcoming injustice, gallantry and revenge are a part of the legacy of this fine cigar

Altadis USA Maker of Fine Cigars

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Altadis USA History and Its Brands
Altadis USA, Inc. is the American subsidiary of Altadis, a multinational that is involved in the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of premium tobacco products. The parent company was established in 1636, but the current organization is as a result of a 1999 merger between the French tobacco firm, SEITA and the Spanish firm, Tabacalera. 
Altadis USA, Inc. has been operational since 1918 and has grown into one of the world’s largest cigar manufacturers. The company employs over 5000 people and has production facilities in seven cities spread across five countries. Altadis USA Inc. is famously known for crafting some of the most reputable cigar brands globally. Below are a few of their cigar brands in their portfolio. 

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