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When it's time to enjoy some of the smoothest, richest most refined smoking experiences available in a filtered cigar, it's time to experience the premium taste of Sparrow little cigars. These enjoyable, utterly delicious cigars use an expertly blended combination of ribbon cut pipe tobacco and Cavendish for a taste that’s incredibly full bodied. These cigarette sized cigars offer a top of the line smoke, and they have the added convenience of being permitted in areas where regular pipes or cigar smokers are not.

With a mild to medium taste and a completely natural wrapper, Sparrow little cigars offer a refined smoothness that belies its very reasonable price. These filtered cigars come in a choice of rich, full flavors including Blue Pipe, Original and Blend #23. For cigar aficionados who want a rich, refined taste that they can take and smoke at their own convenience, Sparrow filtered cigars are absolutely the smoke of choice.

Sparrow Filtered Cigars

Get Sparrow Filtered Cigars at Buitrago Tobacco Shop

If you’re craving great tasting cigars, Sparrow Filtered Cigars are one of the finest choices available from our cigar shop. These high quality cigars are made with ribbon cut pipe tobacco in a smooth, mild blend with the perfect amount of Cavendish, for a great flavor and finish. These cigars are great for smokers who really enjoy a smooth smoke that has a lighter touch. One taste of Sparrow cigars, and you'll be coming back for more, no doubt about it. 

The great taste of Sparrow cigars comes in a fine selection of flavor and blends. The Green Menthol cigar from Sparrow adds a hint of mint that comes through in the finish for a light and refreshing feel. The Original Blend Pipe Tobacco cigar from Sparrow has a light and smooth feel, while the Sparrow Mild Blue blend packs in plenty of flavor with the lightest feel of any of these cigars. Every cigar from the Sparrow brand tastes delicious and has plenty of body to satisfy the most discerning smoker. 

Yes, the Sparrow brand is known for its high quality and smooth taste. All of this great taste is offered at a price that’s truly affordable too, so order up now to take advantage of even more discounts through our customer friendly tobacco shop. These delicious cigars are so smooth and enjoyable, no committed smoker should ever be without several packs on hand to enjoy during leisure hours.

When you’re ready to enjoy some of the finest filtered cigars on the market, be sure to order Sparrow filtered cigars from our tobacco shop. With great perks like a price match guarantee, free shipping on orders over $150, a satisfaction guarantee and more, our cigar shop is the go to place for fine cigars and the ultimate in customer service. 
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Made by Prime Time using premium quality pipe tobacco
Made by Prime Time using premium quality pipe tobacco
Made by Prime Time using premium quality pipe tobacco
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