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Xikar and Colibri Cigar Cutters: Two of the Best

Cigars have been a symbol of power, strength and wealth for hundreds of years in western societies. Many well-known figures in history are often pictured with a stogie protruding from their lips or cradled between two fingers. 

The American humorist Mark Twain (Samuel Clements) was a cigar smoker. The same for English author Rudyard Kipling who extolled the virtues of cigars in his poem The Betrothed with the lines, “And a woman is just a woman, but a cigar is a smoke. Hand me another Cuban...”

Winston Churchill, who helped save England in World War II with his famous two-finger “V” salute, was seldom seen without a cigar in hand.

Our own President John F. Kennedy was such a cigar aficionado that he ordered his press secretary Pierre Salinger to secure 1,200 Petit Upmann Cuban cigars for him before the Cuban embargo of 1962 went into effect. As Salinger reported after JFK’s death, as soon as the cigars arrived at the White House, the President signed the bill effectively blocking any more Cuban cigars from entering the country. 

Smoking a cigar is an art to itself. Once the cigar of choice is selected, the next thing to do is the very important act of clipping the closed end off. 

Nothing can ruin a perfect cigar quicker than a poor cut. When opening the head of your cigar to smoke, it is crucial that the cut be made with a quick, decisive motion with a sharp tool. Whether a single or double blade guillotine. a grip cutter or a scissor style cutter is your cigar cutting tool of choice, it’s important to choose a quality cutter. Two of the best on the market today are the Colibri and Xikar brands. 

Colibri cigar cutters

The Colibri company was founded in 1928 by Julius Lowenthal, the man who had invented the semi-automatic cigarette lighter. Along with their lines of writing instruments, small leather goods and jewelry, they’re well known today for their line of quality smoking accessories including a line of cigar-cutting tools. 

The original 1928 Colibri logo was a simple, bold “Colibri” typeface. A small flame symbol was later added to dot the two “i” letters in the name. At one point, a lion was added to the logo along with a hummingbird (“Colibri" is a genus of the hummingbird family). Today, only the word Colibri and a small stylistic hummingbird adorn their products.

Colibri cigar cutters have blades made of coated stainless steel. Each tool is designed for both beauty and convenience. The blades are spring-loaded and designed for the perfect deep and clean cigar cut. Colibri sells hundreds of different designs in single and double blade guillotine or v-cut with a wide variety of colors and finishes. 

Priced from $35.00 and up, Colibri offers quality cigar tools for a moderate price. As an example, Amazon sells the Colibri V-Cut cutter in black online for $13.19. With 149 customer reviews, this Colibri cigar cutter earned a 4.7 rating out of a possible 5. You don’t get a high customer satisfaction rating like that very often unless you’re selling a quality product that delivers what it promises.

Xikar cigar cutters 

Founded twenty years ago, the Xikar company is located in Kansas City, Mo. The mission statement on its webpage states that the company is dedicated to providing a value to consumers through unique, artful cutlery at a fair price. Incorporating ergonomic design with function to achieve superior form and feel, the company backs up its products with a lifetime total satisfaction warranty. 

Their cigar cutters are bold and beautifully engineered to be both comfortable in the hand and well-balanced for a perfect cut. The unique range of cigar cutters they sell complements every cigar smoker while still providing quality performance. 

Xikar cigar cutters are designed for every occasion: v-cut, straight-cut, scissor cut, punch or multi-tool scissor cutter. The patented Xi cutter is the market leader of non-disposable cigar cutters. 

All Xi Cutters feature 440C stainless steel blades with a Rockwell HRC 57 rating: they will cut a 54 ring gauge cigar in half. Depending on how much cap you cut, they will cut up to a 60 ring gauge cigar.

Custom engraving is available for cutters ordered off their website for a nominal fee of $15.00. Xikar cutters are priced medium to high-end as justified by the high quality, elegant design and lifetime guarantee. 

The Xikar Xi1 titanium cutter, for instance, is available on Amazon for around $40.00 and received 4.7 out of a possible 5.0 stars, an exceptionally high consumer rating. 

Always an innovator, Xikar also offers a combination cutter tool and lighter that combines the best of both worlds. Called the Ultra Slim Combo, it wields the power of a cutter and flame in one streamlined package. The price is $76.99. 
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